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First Summer Sausage- Heavy QView

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Big day of smoking!  Made 25 lbs of summer sausage and 12 lbs of snack sticks for Christmas presents.  This was my first attempt at summer sausage.  I decided to start with the Summer Sausage kit from Cabelas.  Unfortunately, my husband was skunked during deer hunting, so no venison sausage this year.  I went to Sam's club and bought 90/10 hamburger and 10lbs pork.  I did 15 lbs burger and 10lbs pork for the sausage. 


Lots and lots of meat...




My husband even volunteered to help with the stuffing. 





All stuffed and ready for the smoker.  We really filled the rolls full.  The 25 lbs was supposed to fill 10 tubes and we only got to 8 1/2.  I found that they were a little long for my MES 30.  Next time I will make the tubes about 3-4 inches shorter.  


Put into the smoker with the AMNPS overnight at 100 degrees.  Started at 7:30 bumping the temp 10 degrees each 1/2 hour. 


Sorry, I didn't get a picture of them loaded into the smoker.   After only 5 hours they had hit 156 and I pulled them.  Some of the sausage was hotter at the bottom.  Again, I blame this on being too long and close to the heating element.  Then into a cold bath till temp was below 110 degrees. 



And out to dry for 4 hours. You can see the ends that were too close to the heating element and the fat rendered out.  Luckily only a few short sections had an adverse effect because of it.  Next time I will make sure to make them shorter. 



Of course a BearView. 


And all packed up for gifts.  Managed to get 27 packages ready for presents. 


I have impressed myself with my first attempt at summer sausage.  My husband said that he even likes it better than the stuff the butcher made with his venison last year.  I was surprised with how much it made.  I probably could have made 1/2 as much and still had more than enough for snacks and gifts.  But, that shouldn't be a present as there currently is no sausage in the freezer.                                                                                                                                                                                               While the sausage was smoking I started on the snack sticks.  Managed to get all 12 lbs into the smoker and I'm just waiting for them to hit temp.    Unfortunatly broke the plastic gears on my Kitchenair 5 lb sausage stuffer about 3/4 of the way through.  Northern Tool says that they will exchange it because it is only a little over 1 month old.  Any tips on where I can order metal gears as I assume this is going to happen again.   Thanks for letting me share.  Any tips would be appreciated.                                                                                                                             

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points.gifEXCELLENT JOB. Hope when I do my first SS it comes out that good.

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Nice chubs


LEM sells metal gears for the 5 lbs stuffer but i'm not sure they will fit yours. Call LEM and ask them.

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Nice work, looks great!

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Looking good!!


The nylon gears break from not stopping when you hit the bottom..



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Thanks NEPAS for the link.  I will call LEM tomorrow. 


This was only the 2nd time I used the stuffer and was very cautious about hitting the bottom.  I would always re-stuff before the tube was empty and only carefully brought it to the bottom when I was finishing a batch.  It broke when the tube was 3/4 of the way full.  Not sure if it was just a bad gear or if I did something else wrong.  I'm happy that Northern Tool is going to replace the stuffer.  With that said, if LEM has metal gears that will work I will order them so that this can not happen again.  Although I was able to finish stuffing with the broken gear (I really didn't care at that point if I messed it up more)  it was a pain.  

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Nice looking SS........................icon14.gif



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Great looking summer sausage!


Nice job, your gonna make a lot of folks happy with those as gifts!

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Great job on the ss.icon14.gif
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It is a great job and a brilliant gift

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Looks good to me

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I recently bought that same stuffer and I was worried about the Nylon gears but everyone that I talked to said they aren't a problem so I am not sure what happened with yours. I will be using mine very soon so I will have to see what happens with mine. Congrats on the first go around with summer sausage. I have done lots of sausage before but this will be my first try at summer sausage and I can't wait.

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Nice looking SS! I hope I'm on your Christmas list?Looks-Great.gif

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I hope i am on you list also.


If you have a "Applied Industrial" Store close to you you could take the plastic gears

to them and have them order you new gears I think. just a suggestion. Hope you can

find new metal gears.



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Looks GREAT!

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