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Smoking ribs this morning - Q-view

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Started smoking 5 racks this morning at around 8am. Marinated overnight in rub. Used Kroger's Private Selection Texas BBQ Signature Rub. If you like spicy rubs, this is the ticket. Here are the first two during the second rub this morning:




It looks uneven because I didn't want rub all over my camera. After I took the picture, I rubbed it in.


Here's the Weber loaded up:




I did cover the dry spots with more rub after I took the pictures. I spritzed with apple juice about 15 minutes ago. I'll post more pictures after the second spritz. Depending on how the racks look, I'll probably rotate the rack from back to front.

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Oh yeah, outside temp started at 24 degrees. At least it's 24 above zero :g:

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After an hour and forty five minutes and the second spritz:



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Looking delicious!!!



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Great start!

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Looking good icon14.gif

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Three hours in. Removed one rack and foiled it with some apple juice for the oven (at 220). This one is for a couple of people who like fall off the bone ribs Spritzed and moved the ribs around and spread them out.



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Those are looking Yummy!!!!  drool.gif

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Entering the home stretch. Ribs will go in the oven in about 10 minutes. Around 1:30, I'll paint them with maple syrup.



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Getting better every update!

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Mmmm Mmmm those sure look mighty tastey!Looks-Great.gif

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Probably the last update. The first picture is the rack that I foiled after I brushed it with maple syrup. The last couple are the rest of the ribs after glazing.


Boy, is that Texas Rub spicy!



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Nice work!! They look perfect!! Awesome color.

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Very nice

They look great!!

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man im a sucker for good ribs! looks AMAZING
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Great looking ribs. Your eating ribs for supper and I am eating frozen burritos. Not fair.

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Good way to start the morning! Ill be at your house around 6:30 icon_lol.gif Nice looking ribs.....makes my lunch taste worse then what it is HAHA!



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Man, those turned out great!  Nicely done, teleburst  icon14.gif  Thanks for the qview.

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Man o man those are beautiful!


Great job!

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