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Mine is 3.45lb, so I put it on smoke till the center is 145° take it off and keep it in the foil for 30 min?
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Todays selection 6 loins cut in half brined for 3 days 3 already of in foil waiting for the last 3 anybody hungry. I slice and vacuum bag them put them in the freezer . We have fresh smoked loin for about 5 weeks. I also dice some before freezing them we use it when making mac n cheese in the oven, add it in and put French fried onion rings on top. Smokey mac n cheese makes me hungry just thinking about it.

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I cold smoke with Lumberjack cherry for about 30-45 minutes before starting the hot smoke with hickory.  So far, I have been getting beautiful smoke rings.

BTW: I'm using a cheap ass Char-Griller pellet smoker exclusively with Lumberjack pellets.

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I never thought that I would smoke a pork loin til I read some of these posts.  I was really surprised in the outcome of my results of today's results.  I bought a 11lb. pork loin that was on sale and decided to apply some olive oil to coat and and a KC rub recipe,and refrigerate over night.  I smoked it for around 4 -5 hours at 220 degrees with hickory till 150 degrees internal temperature and then pulled off the smoker and wrapped with aluminum foil for a couple of hours.  I sliced it thin with my meat slicer and packaged the meat in with vacuum sealed packages.  The meat was very tender and full of it's juices.  I expected it to be slightly dried out with little fat but was surprisingly amazed with the results. The final results was very juicy and I would definitely smoke another pork loin in the future. 

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Okay, we got the pork loin smoked.  We kind of combined several suggestions.  We injected the pork loin with olive oil, apple juice, and seasoning, wrapped it in saran wrap and let it sit in the refrigerator most of the day.  Then we dried it off, and covered it in the Texas rub a friend gave to us.  We put it the electric smoker and at about 135 degrees we started getting real hungry (we should have started earlier), so we wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven to bring up to 140.  We let it sit while we got the rest of the dinner ready.  We were very happy with the result. It was very tender and juicy.  My husband has some rosemary-chipotle sauce that he put on his, but I ate mine plain. I had taken the bbq sauce out of the fridge, but forgot to put it on.

Don't use Saran Wrap!!!! Aluminum foil keeps in the heat and juices while setting. Saran Wrap will give you toxins and an off flavor.
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I know that this an old thread but it seems to keep going. I have burned hickory at 2am and started shoveling coals into large smokers at 4am. Probably the best meat (no matter what kind), that I have had.


Nowadays I like it easy. So I have built a few electrics, for myself and others. PID controlled and basically foolproof. Remember this:


Every piece of wood is different, every piece of meat is different, every smoker is different, every sensor placement can be different. I like to test a new design on pork loin. It's lean, cooks relatively fast, but takes long enough to know the nuances of the smoker itself.


I have seen on this forum that Electrics do not produce a smoke ring. There's plenty of articles out there about smoke ring. The source of heat makes no difference. 1.5 hours of smoke at a good temperature will make a good smoke ring.


My preferred small batch smoker cooks a 5lb loin to 150F in 4 hours, set to hold 230F. I can do it faster with a little higher temp, but I like the results with this setting. If you have a cheap electric, you will still get good results after learning how to control the smoke v. temperature issue. If it gets too hot too fast, you may seal the meat and not get a good smoke ring. It will still be good though!


145 or 160? People talk about a dried out piece of pork at 160F. I have never had that happen. Provided you can control the temperature (225-245), I think you'll be fine either way. Is your probe in the exact coolest spot of the meat that you are cooking? If you KNOW that the answer is YES, then by all means, pull it at 145F. If you are not sure, and you have controlled the smoker temp, 155 shouldn't hurt a thing.


Just my 2 cents.

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I have seen some people say let it "rest" for 30 minutes why is that? Just curious. Smoking a loin tonight. I want it perfect.
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