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Saturday Smoked Wings

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Decided to smoke some wings on Saturday.


All in all, not too bad, left them whole (minus the tips). 


Onto the smoker!




Almost there (320 dgrees for 2-1/2 hours).






Dinner time!  Well, gotta go. . . . THANKS for looking, enjoy your weekend.




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Looks great!!

My five year old screams "I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS!!!!" and I agree with him.

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Great looking wings!!!



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I smoked wings sat too. I brined them before and smoked for 2 hours then flash fried them till crispy. They were awesome.  Saw it on an episode of Diners, Driveins and Dives.

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I love the smoked Wings
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Your wings look great! Smoked chicken wings are a big favorite around here.


We like some heat so when they're done we toss them in Frank's & melted butter.

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Good looking wings  love wings

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Now you just have to love some smked wings. I love wings personally and they are the best when smoked.

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Great looking wings drool.gificon14.gif

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Yum Wings. I leave  them whole as well because I hate cutting them apart.

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looks delicious!
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Thanks everyone!  I appreciate the smiles!  Have a great week.

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Looks great man 

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