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MES Analog vs Brinkmann Vertical Electric?

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For my first question... Im looking to get into smoking cheaply and like the look of these 2 smokers. The seemingly popular MES is on sale at Cabelas for $130 and this Brinkman is about the same cost. Opinions on which way to go? It seems there are a ton of people with the MES on the forums and the insulated walls seem like they would be a big help. But I also read a few posts saying it cant go hotter than 250? Or is that an older model, because the cabelas add says 100-400F. On the other hand the double doors on the brinkman seem nicer since it would prevent heat and smoke loss when refilling chips, but I've read more bad reviews than good on it saying the door seals badly and the thermometer is junk. So it seems I may be leaning toward the MES unless you guys can point out something Ive missed or can suggest better in the same price range. Thanks for any input.



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Between the two, I would go with the MES

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Just to be clear, "MES" usually refers to the digital model and not the analogue model of the Masterbuilt smoker. I mention this because the generally high praise you read on this forum for the MES is for the digital models only. Since your title to this thread implies to me that you are asking about the analogue model, I thought I would mention this so you are not misled if you are not aware of the differences.



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