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Christmas came early this year!!

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I have finally had a great month in Real Estate & both my wife & I agreed it was time to do just a little spoiling on ourselves!!


Just came in late yesterday is my NEW 18.5 WSM!!!!.  Got it at Aimtofind for $239 with free shipping!!


I will be seasoning it this evening & hopfully smoking something good within the week.


I have been wanting one of these for along time. I can't wait to dial it in & get to smoking!!!!!!

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 You are gonna love it!


PM me if ya need any help..



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Congrats Terry! Craig certainly knows his WSM & would be a great person to help you get going!

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Yea for you I know that you'll love it.

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Congrats!! Both on the smoker and the good month in sales. Things have been looking up here, but rentals continue to be the bulk of our income this year. Hell of a way to make a living.
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Thanks guys.


I just oiled everything & grate on the inside & have some coals going now. I put some water in the pan, but I think i put to many lit coals? This bad boy is registering greatly over 350? & smoking like crazy under the lid. I have the top full open, & two of the bottoms closed & one at a quarter.


I guess first thing learned is to use less coals. I think I'll try Craigs suggestion of the soup can.

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