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Dino Ribs

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Dino Ribs rubbed.JPGBeen wanting some Dinos so picked some up at the local HEB. Rubbed em up, put 'em on the smoker. 2 hrs without the crutch, 1 1/2 hr in the Texas Crutch, 45 minutes out of the crutch. Temp said 18o* something or other, Hell if I remember! My Woman & I had 'em with a baked potato. I had a good ole Lonestar beer & she had some plum wine. Dog devoured the bone I gave her! Definately be doing these about once a month! Ole Smoker purred along like a kitten on a handful of Kingsford & a log 'O Oak!

Dino Ribs Cut.JPGDino Ribs.JPGOn the smoker.JPGLow & slow.JPG

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Now that's a Dino!!


Great job Jay drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks great drool.gifYou must have huge hands.laugh1.gif

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Nice, those look tasty!!


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Great looking Ribs

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Originally Posted by michael ark View Post

Looks great drool.gifYou must have huge hands.laugh1.gif

It's an old New Braunfels, I picked up on the cheap , did some improvements & it don't take much to hover at 225* or get hotter just opening the intake. Burns about 3 - 3 1/2 hrs on a upper arm size stick of Oak.

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I just counted coals in you fire box picture.

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Those are some good looking ribs

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The ribs look delicious!

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Great Looking Dino's



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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The Dino's ribs  looks yummy

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