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So I went to my local butcher todaykens.jpg he assured me his ribs are unenhanced good as they get. They even have their own smoker, they do cheese, bacon, jerky, etc. So I know I am in the right place. I even got to speak to Ken.  Look mom no cryovacspareribs.jpg got a nice slab of spare ribs will be smoking tomorrow. Updates to come. 

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

IMHO ribs are the hardest thing to smoke with consistency. Even if you duplicate exactly the same procedure over & over they still will come out different. Once you get your procedure down by experimenting & writing everything down & repeating it over & over you will get to a point where they will be somewhat similar each time, but the time you make the best ribs in your life doesn't seem to happen all that often. At least that's my experience. You do it once & expect to follow the exact same routine the next time & the result may be excellent but not the best like the last time. The most important thing you can do is make detailed notes each time you smoke & try to understand why the ribs were the best ever or only very good. You can only hope they will be the best ever when there is a bunch of people coming over & they will just be good when it's just you & your family.

Well said, Al.  Also, I believe we are our own worst critics.  I know I am.  I will sit down to a plate and think, "If only I did this instead, or a little more of this, less of that."  Yet at the end of the meal, both our plates are empty and the wife is saying it was the best ________ ever.


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This may help explain how to get your rib texture how you want it, and how to tell how much they're cooked:




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Next time you're futzing around and want to experiment, try brushing on some straight maple syrup in the last 45 minutes. It works especially great with a spicy rub. Gives it a nice sheen too. Going to do 5 racks in the morning. Watch for the q view...

PS, I like some tug so I'm doing all straight. I have a friend or two that likes fall off the bone, so I'm going to do one 3 2 1.
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OK, took my spares out of the fridge and trimmed them up. I can't fit the whole slab in my electric smoker so I cut it in two. I used a light coating of mustard and  light dusting of Jeff's rub on the larger half. I used a light coating of mustard and a dusting of a store bought Bone Sucking Sauce Rub on the smaller half. I also used that on the rib tips. I wrapped in plastic wrap and stuck it back in the frig. It is a balmy 18 degrees out side today, sun is shining and not much wind. I am pre burning some pecan wood in the smoker. If I don't, I get some pretty thick smoke at first so I am trying to avoid that. I really need an AMNS in case any of you are inclined to send me a Christmas present. (LOL, just jokin) I have the temp Gage set at 225 and A water pan in the bottom. I hope to get the ribs on by 10:00 AM. 9:15 now my time. slabfromkens.jpgslabfromkenstrim.jpgslabfromkensrubbed.jpg

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Nothing wrong with that plan!




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Originally Posted by steamaway View Post

I normally get my ribs at the big box stores like Meijer or Kroger. They are in that plastic vacuum packed stuff with the solution to keep fresh.

Solution is evil. I think that's your issue right there. Good luck with your cook today - those are some good looking ribs.

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Looks good steamaway.

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Now you're talkin'. Those ribs look great! Great price too! I have a feeling you will see a big difference in this smoke. Have fun!

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well it's been 3 hours and all is good! Except for all 3 of my temp gauges read different. I got good steam coming from my water pan so I am not gonna foil them. Pecan is still puttin off a nice smoke. 

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Sounds like all is well!

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Turned out great. I don't think I will ever buy cryovac ribs again. My butcher was in the same price as the big box stores. I didn't foil at all, I didn't sauce at all. I wish I would of used some hickory because the pecan was pretty subtle on smokiness. Otherwise they are gone, no left overs except some rib tips.  20111211163512.jpg20111211163557.jpg20111211173137.jpg

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Those look mighty tasty!




I actually had the same issue on this and asked about cryovac ribs verses fresh because I thought the flavor of the cryo ribs was a little off! I found the same type of response....Some folks don't mind the cryo and some strictly go fresh.


I am now strictly a fresh rib guy! They just taste better!


One other thing to throw out there.....Have you ever tryed a hickory/apple combo for the smoke? That's my favorite!!

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Looks like you found a winner! Nice looking ribs.....Makes me wanna move to IN :)



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The ribs look perfect! Glad you figured it out. We use hickory on almost everything.

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