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Chicken Thighs on MES

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Picked up some thighs at the store on the way home from work tonight. Pulled out 4 and rubbed em down with Tony Chacheres and started heating my MES 30. Got it at 240 and brushed the thighs in olive oil before i put them in with some kickory chips. This is kind of a fooling around smoke, with benefits on the tail end. If they turn out well i think i'll make some for friends tomorrow. I think i will leave it around 235-240 for an hour and a half or so then see what i'm working with inside. Ill try to probe the meat for temp but it did not seem like there was much room in the meat for a good reading. Any suggestions for this?


Towards the end i will crank up the MES to max and see what kind of skin i can get. If needed they might hit the grill/broiler, but based on the bark from my last butt i feel optimistic.


They also might get some Williamson Bros. sauce at the end. If anyone has any other flavoring ideas towards the end, please post what you have in mind. I'm a blank canvas right now.



Rubbed down thighs


More Q-View to come.



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Sorry to just get back to this for the rest of the Q-View.


It was a pretty short smoke. After about an hour and a half i flipped the thighs to skin side up and cranked up the heat. About a half hour at 275 and the internal temp was about 170. Pulled them out and put a little Williamsons sauce on 2 and 2 in a mixture of half sriracha and half italian dressing.



In the smoker


After the sauce



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Hope it worked out well for ya icon14.gif

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Yea how did they turn out?

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They turned out real well. Q-View post is waiting on approval. The Tony C's was a little salty for my taste or maybe i just put too much on, but the sauce helped fix that. I real Tly liked the sriracha mixed with the smoke taste. Will try that again. Also, made some more of the thighs yesterday. This time made my own rub, threw it together pretty fast so i didnt get measurements. Salt, pepper, brown sugar, cayenne, and a little cumin. I think that is it. This turned out a lot better than the tony c's. The sugar caramalized well and the rest added a good non-overpowering flavor.

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They look great from here....Thanks for sharing the q-view!!!welcome1.gif

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They look perfect. I'm a thigh man myself & yours look delicious!

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Good job icon14.gif


I agree about the Tony''s way too salty.

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Nice thighs!


Another vote that Tony's has to be used sparingly.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks Good!

Love me Some Thighs!!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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looks good

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Looks like the skin came out nice in the MES...The problem with commercial rub is Spices COST!...Salt is Cheap...JJ

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