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Sausage Christmas Ideas

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So, my family this year has gotten rather large (I have 3 sisters with hubbies as well as a girlfriend and her family amongst a bunch of others!!!!) so I'm doing a uniform gift for everyone.


My plan is to smoke some nice cheeses and gift that but I was also considering some sausage.


Now I'm on here asking and begging for some ideas on sausage and what recipes are suggested.  I'm thinking summer sausage but a search has left me more frustrated because it seems most people ask for recipes and don't get anything or they refer to a recipe book I don't have.


I have lots of venison to use too (good hunting year!) so if the recipe is catered to venison even better!.


Thanks in advance guys!



And yes I know I'm cutting it close!

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Lots of pro's around here.

I'm sure they have some better recipes but lots of folks use the High Mountain.

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Now there are a bunch of really good sausage makers here for sure. I have been asked to give sausages and meats to folks before so you know it's a good idea. I have made a bunch of summer sausages from venison that has turned out really good. I used a store bought Hi-Mountian summer sausage package and it did good. I was happy with it.

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Yeah, that seems to be my best bet. Also the cheapest. Spices are expensive!



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There are some great recipes on here for SS, we give out pepperoni & smoked muenster cheese.

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