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Smoked Some Mixed Nuts!!!

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I am using Scarbelly's (Gary) recipe. Butt, with a 22.5" WSM w/lump and hickory!!! 

I used Kirkland's mixed nuts from Costco, powdered w/chipotle and garlic salt. Enjoy!!!007.JPG001.JPG002.JPG003.JPG004.JPG005.JPG006.JPGEnjoy!!!

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dang i love smoked mix nuts! looks awesome icon14.gif
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Looks awesome!!   Would go nice with some football and cheers.gif

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Looks like you got it down on the first try. So simple even I can do them. Looking good my friend. 

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Thanks for the reply's. I had them on a little to long and the temps went higher than I wanted, I wasn't paying attentionOops.gif.


I still had rave reviews!!!!



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Yummy smoked nuts, Need to put that on my to do list

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Nice color, and nicely done.  I am certain they will be enjoyed greatly.2thumbs.gif

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nice looking color and definitely a load of nuts there...good job

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Now I know we here have got used to telling each other that our butts looks good and all but I might have to draw the line at nuts. I just can't do it. Althou the nuts look good and have a nice darker color i myself are wondering if they taste good to. I'm sure they do so after al is said and done "Nice Nuts" RP

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MMMMMMMM, smoked nuts, beer & football! Life is good!

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