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Ya what raptor said! You need to give pork loin a 2nd chance and take it off at 145. 195-205 is for pulling as in shredding like pulled pork. I don't know that it works for loins.

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I pull mine at 140, wrap in foil & let them coast up to 145 then slice & eat. They are always juicy. Like Rap said the new guidelines allow you to take them off sooner & they are much more juicier.

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Great looking sammie...homemade coleslaw looks really good. 

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Good stuff...thanks, everyone! Will try it again. For tenderloin, i'm going to try something other than mustard + dry rub (rib type prep) i did it just like the rest of the stuff for convenience, but it seems like it would do better with something like rosemary and garlic more so than rib rub.
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isho21, that PP sammy looks mighty fine to me, and the slaw looks good too!

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