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my 16 gallon mini uds

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Here's some pictures and info on my 16 gallon uds.


After seeing the UDS that Sawzall made, I decided to make my own.


I came across a couple of 16 gallon drums from a buddy of mine.  I had thought about a small-scale UDS, but didn't know what to do about the racks, lid, etc.  But after I saw the post from Sawzall, I proceeded to the local Walmart to find the Uniflame charcoal grill for $22..... lucky me, they were on clearance for $5, so I bought 4 of them.   Now as I get more drums from my friend, I will be making more of these babies.


They are really simple to operate, and use very little fuel.


I think I have $15 into this one.  The lid/rack/grate cost $5, the expanded metal was $59 for a 4x8' sheet, so $3.50, a can of tremclad bbq paint was $7.  I already had the pipe fittings and valves from a machine I bought years ago for scrap metal.



Showing my lack of originality, I even used my candy thermometer through the vent in the lid.




Showing the inside with 2 racks installed.




The charcoal basket.  I wrapped the 11" grate from the grill with expanded metal and welded it in place.  I put 3" legs on it.




Some side ribs on the moker.





Thanks for looking... any questions, just ask.







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I like it!

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Nice I like it too!

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How cool is that !  Nice job !

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Nice points.gif

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danvan, morning..... excellent build... looks like it works very well by looking at the ribs... Dave

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Thanks for the kind words, guys.


I'm happy with how it turned out, and I already have two more different smokers in the works.


I have a 55 gallon uds almost complete, as well as a RF mini build with a 30 gallon drum sitting crosswise on top of a 16 gallon drum which will be used for the fire box.

It all depends on when I can sneak away from the Mrs and the kids to the farm shop to get at the welder and the grinder.




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Really cool! That would make for a nice toss in the trunk tailgating smoker.

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Looks great!!



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Way to go Danvan!  Who says the builds have to be massive?  Yours looks great, just as it is!



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Looks-Great.gif nice job on the ribs as well

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