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Chili cookoff

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  Where I work decided to have a benefit chili cookoff next week. Myself and Porker ace are entered as 1 of 10 teams/contestants. I will try to take some pics as we prepare our dish. I have posted this because our chili will include pulled pork as one of the ingredients. It will be a no-bean chili. If we do well, I will post our receipe for all to try.




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I hope you kick butt.

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WHOOP they A$$E$...Post the recipe anyway always lookin' for new stuff...JJ

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Good luck guys!

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Go get 'em Mike!  Looking forward to seeing photos of your Trophy too!

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Yea Mike, you should post the recipe, the test batch you made the other day was awesome.

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As an update... WE WON!!!   Our chili was the only one with any real kick. I will post siome pics and the reciepe we used later this week!




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first.gif Great Job!!!

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Yes. We kicked major butt. Aparently by a landslide. Can't wait to get our recipe out to y'all. :)
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Congratulations on your win!!!banana_smiley.gif  Now all you have to do is add some good New Mexico chili to make it unbeatable!!!

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I've heard about New Mexico chili. I don't want to go there!




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Congrats on the win!

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congratulations. I just tried to make Chili for the first time today. it was turkey based but no so great. look forward to your recipe !

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Originally Posted by So MS Smoker View Post

I've heard about New Mexico chili. I don't want to go there!




All the rumors are probably true!!!  Can't wait to see your recipe.  I am sure it is great and I will have to try it.



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Congrats..... A landslide ????   I'm gonna have to try that one....  Great job !!!!!   Now for the recipe...  popcorn.gif.........  Dave

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You are king.jpg

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Congrats Mike. first.gif

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