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Gift from Todd and his family

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This October we had the good fortune to host Todd and his family while they came to visit Rhonda's old college stomping grounds in San Diego. They stayed with us while the went to all the local theme parks and the last day we went to the beach in the motor-home. 

We had so much fun with them.  


Kathy and I just got this great package in the mail (actually 2) with a thank you gifts. 


Here is a beautiful centerpiece they sent from Drew's Cub Scouts program

914 Smoke.jpg


They also sent us this fantastic selection of vinaigrette's and balsamic vinegars


914 Smoke 026.jpg


And this great wine gear 

914 Smoke 028.jpg


And our favorite - a note from our new grandsons

914 Smoke 027.jpg


Thanks to the entire Johnson family. You always have a place to stay in San Diego


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That's awesome! That wine gear is top line! We have the same ones and they rock!

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Yes thats very nice.

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Hope you guys enjoy all the stuff we sent!!

The olive oils and vinegarettes are imported from all over the world. 

We have a really cool little shop that carries all exotic olive oil and vinegarette.


A BIG Thanks for all your hospitality!!!






No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Tis the season... and congrats on forming a life long friendship to for each of you!

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that's awesome!  Friendships to last a lifetime!


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Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time together.

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It just totally amazes me the things that can be 

accomplished from a little forum on the internet.


Bringing people together from all over the world,

and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Totally Priceless.


Happy Smokin' and Happy Holidays




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Very nice!  Happy Holidays to all!

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Yea nice job Todd and I know this friendship will last alongtime.

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Thanks guys - I am lucky to have met some great folks on this forum and some in person as well. I highly recommend that folks reach out and make the friendships if you can. It is really worth the time and effort.  I email and talk on the phone with several folks from here daily and it is really rewarding. 

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very cool and that card is awesome!

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Think your dog is gonna send me one after liclkin my leg everytime I am there LOL


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piss her off and wear pants!

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 Actually meeting people from this forum is just awesome!If you ever have the chance to meetup with fellow smokers  take the time!  You will not forget it!




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Wow Gary that is nice good for you . you are a good man .and you are right meeting people from this Forum is fun and you can make friends for life

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Too cool....Love the card.

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Very cool.

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