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I do mine at 1/8 inch. What I found was that the longer and hotter the smoke, the more "cooked" the jerky. 


Now, I only smoke it at about 170 for 2 hours and then dry it in a dehydrator set at 160. The dehydrator seems to give me the right amount of moisture for it to be chewy but done. It also prevents the crumbly cooked type jerky that too much heat and time seems to produce. Just my $.02....

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We have made Jerky for more than 30 years using a commercial smoker to our oven, we also have a large dehydrator, but we prefer a smoker our is a masterbuilt that has work for years.


Thickness: I have tried 1/8" to 1/2" in widths up to 4" usually 1/4 for best results.




Our Base recipe is:

Cure # 2

Soy sauce

Beef stock

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Black pepper

White pepper

Red flack pepper

Dark corn syrup 



Marinating time 24-48 hours.


Starting temp 175 for 30-45 min

Lower to Temperature 150 +-


Smoke Hickory 


Time 6 hours

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