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nepas meets alelover

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Had a good time and did some Bs'ing over some schnitzel and beer.


2011-12-05 19.48.39.jpg



2011-12-05 19.59.23.jpg


Sorry the jeep hood was dirty....HA



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Good food, Good friends and Cold Beer..... What could be better..... Sounds like a perfect day to me ...    Dave


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Scott is good people.

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Sounds like fun!


Who's who in the photo?

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Left (nepas) Right (alelover)

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WOW, I thought you guys would be UGLY!  I could be wrong!!  Sounds like it was a nice time. Way to go, guys!beercheer.gif

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Now Frosty-be nice!! You know what they say-"Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder"!! biggrin.gif

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Dutch, police2.gifNo disrespect intended.   But, like the home bosswife.gif says "I ain't had no beer yet"!!!  Luckily for me she has bad eyesight and the cat can't tell her anything. . . . Otherwise, I would be GONE!


You are absolutely correct, I suppose I was distracted by my JEALOUSY of their overwhelmng knowlege, widely known success, and expertise!


Any hoo, two great guys, that are truly masters, and some of the finest folks I know. 

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Looks like a great time!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Hey Nepas, how are you liking the GA coast? We're heading to Saint Simons on the 30th to deliver my in-laws for their winter getaway. We'll only be there for a couple days, but when we go to pick them up at the end of March we'll get to stay a week. I'm jealous of you for getting to relocate down there!! It's one of my favorite places. Hope you're enjoying it.

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looks like a good time was had....and a good looking plate of chow!!

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Meeting fellow members is one of my favorite things to do. Glad you guys took the time to meet.

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It was pretty awesome meeting Rick. Great guy. We had a good time. He loaded me up with parting gifts as well. I'll post a pic later. The food, beer and company was great. Wife and I tried an elk stick when I got home last night. WOW. They are really good. Since my wife and I both love Savannah we have a great excuse to go there now. I went to Spices Etc and picked up some honey powder, soy sauce powder and worsty powder. Can't wait to try them. I agree with Frosty we are an ugly bunch. biggrin.gif

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Yes it is nice to meet some of the others from this site. I have and I have also ran into some good folks here too. Glad that you guys had a good time.

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Yes it is great to meet guys from this site .look like you guys had a great time .

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The haul from nepas. The man is awesome. Thanks again Rick.



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That's cool to see members meeting and getting together. I wish that happened around here as that would be fun.

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Looks like a good time...



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That Carolina Treat Sauce is really good stuff. We love it on pork chops and chicken. 

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My wife told me that was the secret ingredient in her church's Brunswick Stew.

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