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Anyone have any experience using Costa Rican Lanzino sauce???


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Bob, I think you are talking about Salsa Lizano...There was a Costa Rican restaurant on an episode of DDD, Latin Street Food, that uses Salsa Lizano in several dishes...I have not tried it but it's supposed to taste like a cross between Worcestershire and Italian Dressing...I looked in to making it and can not find a Recipe!...JJ

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If you mean Lizano sauce/salsa 

O Boy O Boy it is a great sauce it is sweet and slightly hot gives a great deep flavor i love it on my chicken or on ribs

but for the last 2 years i cant find it in south Africa  and did not find it in Vegas .

it is an addictive flavor.

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Now there you go Bob. Ok now you have to find it. It could be good i'm sure.

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Going to my favorite Hispanic market tomorrow. If they don't have it they will find it for me.

 The DDD episode is where i saw it.

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never heard of it.........sounds interesting.

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Went to see my local hispanics and was greeted by ",Gringo Bob " when i walked in the door.

 all i had to say was lizano and they went and got me a bottle.

750ml for $4.50 . It has a great flavor and i can't wait to try it on some meat.

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I think salsa lizano is now my second favorite thing to make folks go yuuuuuummmm,that's good but what is it? right behind liquid crab boil.

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Hey Bob 

Can you post a pic of the bottle so I can do a search for it out here on the West Coast

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I have to try this.  I doubt it will be hard to find in CA. Also, lots of places to buy it on the net.


Have not found a recipe to make it from scratch.  Did see a recommended substitute of 1 part Worsty to 1 part picante.  I doubt that would be a very close substitute, but I have no idea.


Thanks for the idea for something new to try!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Here you are GaryLizano700mL.jpg

you can find it here they deliver for free to the US


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Originally Posted by africanmeat View Post

Here you are GaryLizano700mL.jpg

you can find it here they deliver for free to the US


That's the stuff, put a bit in the ground meat for the tacos last night.

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