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Smoked a yardbird yesterday . Did a brine of salt,water,garlic powder, onion powder, Louisiana hot sauce and Slap Ya Mama..

Brined for 1 day then injected with  Louisiana Cajun Butter. I then made a rub of EVOO, Slap Ya Mama, garlic powder, onion powder, Louisiana Hot Sauce and Lemon Pepper.

Started it out at 275* till it reached an IT of 140* then cut it back to 225* until the IT hit 170*. To me that done... The chicken was very falvorful very moist and tender...I will do this process again with the same brine and injection and rub mixture.











I smoked the yardbird with my AMAZPS loaded with Todd`s secret blend smoking pellets....
















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Looks good I love cajun butter in my turkey got to try in in my bird someday.

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Juicy looking bird!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks delicious! Very juicy looking!

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Thanks guys it was juicy for sure. When I pulled out the temp prob the juice ran everywhere....

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

When I pulled out the temp prob the juice ran everywhere....

Gotta love when that happens. Great Job.
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Very nice. I see yuo have the pellets rite above the heat element. Was it on and have you had any issues with the element starting the pellets?


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def could see all that juicy deliciousness inside that meat. Job well done good sir icon14.gif
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The pellets are not as close as they appear to be in the pic...Its a good set up and works real good for me...they are about 5in. above the element...Thanks and thanks to all who have commented on my smoke...

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I just found this Roller icon_redface.gif


Looks like you did a great job buddy 2thumbs.gif

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Thanks Raptor !!!!! 

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It looks a great bird nice color and juicy yummy yummy

great job Roller

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Great Job Roller!!

Did you need the air pump this time?



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I think I could taste it just by looking at

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Looks tasty!!



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Yes that is one fine looking bird there. 

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I have never injected with that stuff but looks like the bird is awesome...JJ

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Thanks guys..JJ the injection just gives it that little extra kick that is really good...Todd I always use my little pump and it works perfect....

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