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log splitter build - Page 6

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OK got some more done!!

this project is the only one im working on atm so should go along a little faster now i have some pics to post up this evening
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Cool! I forgot about this thread...

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Keep us posted.icon14.gif
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new pics

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i was really trying to get the mount perfect i think i did ok far as lining up the center hole and side to side .on the splitting edge side i welded the bottom plate to the blade .
the blade is 1 inch thick and the bottom plate is 3/8 thick after welding it was pretty obvious the bottom plate had bowed up or warped i should have clamped it down before welding
live and learn i guess
i went and cut some wood this week with a borrowed splitter it was pretty small unit 5hp engine im not sure on the pump size it was small too but had a big cylinder .
it split with ease even narley knotted wood it was slow but steady i got a longbed truck and a trailer full of red oak
heres a pick of the lil splitter and the trailer of wood

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hi all i have some updates

this week i ended up getting a commercial argon tank for the new welder .
threw a freind at work we managed to pull it off for $150.00 instead of $400.00 retail
and it will save me alot of money in the long run 10lbs of flux core wire is 66.00
30lbs of solid core is right at 50.00

the solid core is alot more clean weld also ill be putting some pics up of the rig and some welding shots soon as possible
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Great deal!  icon14.gif  Still staying tuned for updates - I really like this project  smile.gif

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Well Gentlemen and ladies

it seems there was a smoker project in the midsts of the log splitter build
heres the pics of the progress its built and we had to do it in a hurry the competition was march 22 2013
the pics were the week before
we didnt have the right stuff we didn't do any calculation on fire box size or tank size i only used what we had to make it work
so with that said heres the build

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i build this for a friend

he ended up taking 2nd place the day after it was built
it took 3 days of about 12 to 14 hours a day plus 3 friends to make this happen
it was a good build and went fast
thanks for any comments

we have a few details to work on now that its done
the first is an ash drawer and more air flow we had to crack the fire box door about an inch \
and leave it open to get enough air to the fire
and the main grill door is a lil flimsy
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I'd have to say that's one heck of a good job for a last minute scramble! Looks really cool too! 


Now how about that log splitter? 

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hey thx bubba

i have ordered some more parts its getting really close
i need to get on it and get it done
its really surprising how much work i can get done when motivated
i might be able to get some friends over to help me finish the splitter up

i can barrow that smoker anytime ,with some cold beer and some Q rockin for lunch i bet
i could get some amazing progress
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:grilling_smilie:heres a lil Q view
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wow another year has passed and many a project done .
i still have the trusty splitter build going i made a cutting wedge and installed some pipe and fittings for the supply and return lines into the tank
but been so busy this year its still not finished

we bought several cows and have an ongoing fence project im working on trying to get up around our 20 acres
threw the woods
also purchased a dozer and had some issues with that thing
ill post up some pics soon
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You've been busy..... We'd like to see some pics.... Welcome back to the world of smoke....
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wow its been another year and many many projects completed and a lot more started

were working on opening a meat processing plant here in north ga its sorta slow go
but making progress

the log splitter has been on the back burner for a while
i have a new axle for it and truck tires to go on it with full suspension
im turning my f250 4x4 into a dually flat bed truck thats taking a while

also im doing some work with the loader at a guys house for some processing equipment
for the meat house
the loader paying for its self

i also aquired a nice 250 gal tank for a smoker build reverse flo style

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