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First Pork Shoulder

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I smoked my first pork shoulder today. The 8.9 pounds of meat was started at 3:30 am and finished

up around 2 pm. A touch of BBQ sauce and cole slaw on top of the pulled pork was a nice finish for a days 2.JPG

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Looks delicious!

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Very nice drool.gif

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That is your first one?  Looks great from here!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Real nice bet it was good..Looks-Great.gif

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great lookin BBQ
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Very nice....get in my belly!

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Excellent.... here's a good finishing sauce for PP >>>

I just did a Butt today and used it.. But I did add a little to much to the meat tho... put some on... mix it up and try it... keep doing this till you get it to your liking....
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Nice looking, great color.  



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Looks like that came out great. Nice job

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