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Not a pretty picture, but here it is.  Four beef kidneys and one heart. 


Todd delivered everything as promised  I loaded up the chamber with my pellets of choice and threw in a few slices of favorite wood and there it sat.


xxx The smoker is lit.jpg



Started the fire with a wood stove starter enhanced pressed wood.  Let it burn a good ten minutes and then blew it out.  Removed the starter and placed the now burning pellets on the bottom of the electric smoker.


Todd's contraption is not designed to burn up all your spare wood, but I had this hunk of Hickory on top of my smoker for months and wanted it gone.  No it didn't do that.  But it did burn up my slices of apple and cherry along the way.  I'm pleased.  I received a good 3 hours of smoke to my meats without hardly lifting a finger and most of the smoke stayed in the chamber.. FYI, I only filled the chamber tight the first slot until the end . . added some wood chips and filled the second row lightly.  I received much more smoke than I thought I would. 


I just took a look at my meat. Bottom tray looks to be done but top tray not.  Swapped the trays and believe it or not, there's still smoke


One more photo opt and I need to feed the dawgs.  Today I did 4 beef kidneys and one beef heart.  Average cost per pound under $1 and I did about 6 pounds for two reasons.  The first being that I like it myself and the second being that I like it myself also.  I will offer a glamour shot of the final product but won't give a glimmer into how the dawgs and I fight over it.




No, it's not beautiful, but once I thin slice and cook up in a dutch oven . . . oh you my!