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All Night Brisket - (My first Q-View)

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Here is my second go at brisket...(first one was awesome)...Smoking a 7.41lb brisket flat in my MES 30 using my new AMNS with pecan dust. I am also using Jeff's rub recipe on it with a can of Coke in the pan inside. Smoking at 230* for about 14hrs wrapping in foil for the last two.



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Foiling up after 10hrs and 190*...back in the smoker to do some more "breakdown"...


10hr foil up (4 DEC 11)  drool.gif

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Looking good icon14.gif

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Looks great!  Send a Sammy my way.

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It looks really good so far!

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I agree, Looks Great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Gonna finish this one out with my final pics of this smoke. Needless to say, I warned my family that it turned out terrible and not to eat any....I would "take a hit for the team" and get rid of the ruined meat....they obviously didn't buy it! Good times!

Some TBS to get started...

TBS 04 DEC 11


cold weather setup



sliced ready to eat

Sliced Brisket 04 DEC 11


on the table with breen beans bacon and onions and homemade mac-n-cheese...sorry I didn't get any invites sent out in time...

Dinner Time!

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very nice.  Great Job!

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nice brisket my friend
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Great job my friend PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Thanks! I'm trying...blessed with good results so far....still a rookie though! banana_smiley.gif

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Looks like a perfect meal!


Nice job!

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Really nice lookin brisket. Love the bark on that thing.


Happy Smokin'



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drool.gif looks great thanks for posting it up!

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Beautiful Brisket!  I'm so glad the family gave you the well deserved kudos on the smoke.  Like the cold weather setup as well.  Looks like a winner all around.

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Looks good to me love me some brisket sammies the next day.

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Thanks again everyone! I threw that setup together kinda last minute to help maintain temps. It is always real windy here in SW OK....one thing I really despise...especially having lived in SE VA for the past three years...big environment change here!

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Nice looking brisket. Gonna do my first next week.



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looks like it's all been said above...great job on a big hunka beef

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Bakerman,  Make sure to read up alot on here. Everyone does their brisket a little different depending on how they like the finished product. I read up and figured out how I wanted to do mine...which I am very pleased with. Good Luck and be sure to post some Qview of it!

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