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Help with salmon quickly

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smoking salmon as we speak. I rinsed it, dried good with paper towels and stuck it in frig for about 2 hours. it's getting a lot of white "stuff" on top.Do I scrape that off? Did I not dry it good enough? I am using the maple glaze and it's dripping off quickly due to the white stuff. Will take pic next time I open the smoker. Or is the "stuff" just normal?


Thanks in advance,


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What temp is your smoker ?  I know that salmon does that and I think it is fat so your smoking temp may be to high...

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Yea you might be smoking to hot. If you smoker at temps around 150-175 I usually don't run into that issue.

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yeah I was at 150. seems like it's coming along fine. I just bumped up to 200. Almost done.. 

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Are you hot smoking it or cold smoking it? Or in other words is this a salmon filet dinner or a snack for football with beer? If it's for dinner don't let the salmon get above 140 or it will dry out. If it's for snacking your smoker is too hot.

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too hot man, lower the temp
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The white stuff is fat from the fish.... all good stuff.... omega 3's... heart healthy....  when the white stuff somes to the top, the fish is usually done .... Dave

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Man it seemed like I got the white stuff right away. Well in the first hour when i went to baste. I was at 150 degrees. I was hot smoking, I read some posts that said do between 200 and 225. Any way it's all done and taste great. Might be a little on the dry side, but I dip it in the maple and ginger glaze. That glaze is great, I think that stuff could make a turd taste good! can I say turd? Gonna up load my pics soon.  

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oh i see we were hot smokin, my bad lol. did you save the fat? its really good for you and helps with the salmons flavor
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salmondone1.jpg i ate fat off the grate, it was yummy!!! 

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No problem?  How does the white stuff taste?


If you don't like it, you could send it to me?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Keith, mornig... Glad all turned out OK.... Thanks for the pics...   Dave

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It looks real good from here!


Nice job!

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