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I have a recipe I found online for a pork rub, which I then tweaked a little bit, but I'm wondering do most of you smokin vets use a different rub for different meats?  The rub I use for my pork is Brown sugar, kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne, black pepper, regular sugar, and a little white pepper.  I've found it to produce a pretty good pork butt, but does get a little spicy, or sweet depending on how i make it.  Any help with balancing it out or even a new rub would be greatly appreciated.  

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Most rubs you can probably pass around, but it really will depend on your taste. I have some I prefer on Pork Butts, some for Ribs and some for Beef. Kinda the same for BBQ Sauce. Practice and find your favorites.

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I go Sweet on Pork with basically what you have although, I refer Turbinado, Sugar in the Raw, to white and brown. For Chix I add Poultry Seasoning to that Rub.  For Beef I back off on Sugar and add Corriander, Allspice and a little Fennel...JJ

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My next beef rub I'm going to try is out of a Paul Kirk book, equal parts; salt, paprika, pepper. I made it yesterday, tastes like it has a lil spice to it.

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