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First Smoke, Boston Butt - With Q-View

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Doing my first smoke tonight on my new MES 30. Went to Costco last night and got a pack of 2 butts, but could not find them with the bone in. Total package was right below 16 lbs. Rubbed it down last night with some mustard and a variation of Meoweys's rub based on what i had on hand, a little more cayenne and a little less cumin/cinnamon. Also whipped up a batch of undertaker's NC sauce, but put tbs of cayenne instead on tsps. It's hot but turned out great.


Rub - http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/50421/rub-for-pulled-pork


Sauce - http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/49449/north-carolina-style-finishing-sauce



Meats Label


Rubbed Meats



Wrapped up tight like a butt in a rug


In to the new shiny MES at 8PM






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looks like a great start!!!

 Time to get that thing greasy.

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Yea,  you are going to have great fun getting that thing all smokey and greasy


Looking good so far

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lookin good big daddy i am soooooooo addicted can not wait for q view of final product

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nice start !

popcorn.gif just waiting for the rest of the q-views

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Looks good. You did season that smoker first, didn't you??


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Can't wait to see the results
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That is a great start

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Looks good so far!

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Originally Posted by Flash View Post

Looks good. You did season that smoker first, didn't you??


I was wondering that too.  It looks really shiny.  I have only owned and seasoned one smoker, but it definitely looked seasoned for the first use.


Still, can't wait to see the finished PP!





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Now I want to go and cook some pork butt.

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Yes, i attempted to season it Thursday night. Ran it at 275-280 for about 5 hours with smoke in it for 3.5.


Back to last night's smoke. Pulled the butts at 4AM at 165 IT and foiled them with some apple juice, nothing added to the juice to keep it simple on first one.

photo (2).JPG

One of the butts during the foil.


Took them out at 7AM this morning at ITs of 201 and 203. Can't believe how close they were on temp and pace. They have been in towels in the cooler since.


About to make some slaw and start pullin the pork.


Rest of Q-View to follow.



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Final Q-View. Good reviews so far. Bark turned out pretty hot but everyone likes it.


photo (3).JPG

Before Pull


Half pull









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It looks excellent ! Gotta have the slaw!

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Excellent looking bark.

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Looks great Kang!


Do you like the boneless butts from Costco?  My first smoked butt was one of those.  I was a complete N00B, so I know it was dry because I messed it up.  I have been getting the bone in ones from Restaurant Depot ever since.  I wonder how much difference the bone makes.

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nice bark for an MES icon14.gif

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Looks like a winner drool.gificon14.gif


Thanks for sharing

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Look GREAT!!  Good Job!! 

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