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I think the blanch first approach has promise even though I went "au natural" myself. 5 mins plenty of salt on rolling boil  my best guess ,peel it cold.. Lots of ways to eat it the recipe I posted here worked a treat but I also like with salsa verde or with beans.

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In the sauce that looks really good! I haven't had pork or beef tongue since I was a kid at home. 

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With tongue, the front part is usually sliced thin and the chunky back bit is sliced thicker. Maybe if you separated the two and smoke the front part for a shorter period of time, the thinner front bit might stay juicier. About beef tongue, I skin them raw, slice them, sprinkle with salt and pepper and BBQ them. My brothers kids tried it and loved it to bits, until they found out what it was.

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I dry brined this for a few hours, then rubbed with fresh ground pepper and threw it in the smoker @240F with cherry and apple smoke until it reached internal temp of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Mind blowing!

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I love it! Lovely colour.Is beef tongue hard to get in Japan?
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I love the smoke ring :yahoo:


It's easy to get, but really expensive @ around US$50 per kilo. This was imported from Australia by The Meat Guy in Nagoya. Much cheaper than in the supermarkets.

What is really hard to get is chicken bums! I bought a whole chicken at the supermarket and it was missing it's bum!!! Think they sell them to the grilled chicken restaurants (Yakitori ya).

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I think "The Pope's Nose", (chicken bum) is a delicacy....
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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

I think "The Pope's Nose", (chicken bum) is a delicacy....
Very fatty & therefor very grill able . Can't get them seperate here.
I think I pay about $10 a kg for beef tongue here. Been a while.
Wagyu tongue costs stupid but I don't buy it.
It's getting more popular here as restaurants embrace the nose to tail philosophy . I think the disconnect is you have to be a big outfit to buy whole carcass & break it up.
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Looks great, I've only had tongue at a Basque restaurant and it was pickled. 

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Before I moved to Japan (2001), I used to pick up 2 whole beef tongues for $10. The butcher didn't bother weighing them as nobody wanted them way back then.

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My God is this ever so amazing!
I'm looking at it now on my phone even and it is damn stunning!
Impressive beyond, beyond Mick! As always!
Happy new year!
Cheers! - Leah
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Old thread revisited. Down the coast where the food is a bit more middle of the road.
I do like like that Tokyo Tongue.
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