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My New UDS

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I just finished building my new UDS. I lit it about 15 min ago, so we will see how it operates.UDS New.jpg

Inside I used a washing machine tub, it may be to large, if so I will put another insert in it to reduce the diameter. I used a bundt pan for holding the pellets or chips, not too sure about that.UDS New inside.jpg

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Sweet looking UDS. Do you know what that machine tub is made out of? You might want to burn it off really well before you put any food in the UDS. I know nothing about what they are made of but just looking at them it looks like there might be some stuff that would need to be burned off.  You don't want any toxic fumes coming off into  your meat. Hopefully someone will  come along that can let us know for sure what it is made of. Also I would just put your chip/chunks right into the basket. You don't really need a chip pan.

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looks good . I'm thinking about building one myself

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Fire her up!!  I love cooking on my UDS smokers so easy so set it and forget it.  Temp control is 99% of BBQ and there is no easier way to control temp with out fans and electronics than using a UDS.

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It sure looks purdy!

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