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Cotto Tomorrow

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After i get back from downtown.


10 lbs of Cotto. If you want 5 lbs, just reduce the recipe by half


Im feeling it. Will have pics tomorrow


8 lbs of lean ground beef

1 lb of pork butt

1 lb beef fat


2 level tsp cure #1

4 Tbs powder dextrose

5 Tbs non iodized salt

3 Tbs whole black peppercorns

2 Tbs white pepper (ground)

2 Tbs whole anise seed

1 Tbs ground nutmeg

2 Tbs garlic granuels

1 cup very cold filtered or distilled water

2 cups non fat powder milk


3-4 fiberous casings soaked for 1 hour in large bowl with 1 Tbs salt added.


If you have pre ground beef skip this step


Grind pork and beef fat thru fine plate 1/8" add to the 8 lbs pf pre ground beef


Mix all the dry with the water, mix well then add to the meats and mix very well.


This is one time where i grind 2x


Grind the seasoned meat thru med plate 3/16". Stuff into casings your normal way. Ring or tie the end off. Place stuffed chubs if fridge overnight.Pre heat your smoker at 150 and hang or rack chubs for 1 hour, smoke with your choice, adjust the heat to 170 until you get a meat temp IT of 120-125 < This is the IT for a hot water bath of water IT of 170 until you get the meat IT of 152-155, 8-15 mins then you will need to cold water bath to eliminate shriveling.


You can skip the bath and hold in your 170-175* smoker until you get the 152-155 IT.

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It is a good plan

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We'll be here!

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pepsi.gif  got my seat

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Nepas, sounds like a winner.  Looking forward to the Q-view!sausage.gif

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looks like another one for my "evernote" folder

popcorn.gif be here with the rest of them watching

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Started to grind the beef fat i got yesterday for the Cotto.


Rinsed off good and cut into chunks. Rinsed again. Left is the tallow, membrane, veins, tendons that i dont use. Right is good fat.





Running through a fine plate 1/8"



I'm only needing 9oz for this 5 lb batch of Cotto


Using my fatty piston for a tube to fill the bags.






After all bagged i got 4, 1 lb bags ready for the freezer.






I think for the Cotto i will give my Dakotah some stuffing time.


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Recipe saved.  Thanks!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Got 5 lbs all mixed.


Here is how i do it. Add cure to water, stir to dissolve. I added the rest of the dry in the other measuring cup. The small whit cup has the powder milk in it.



Add the PDM to the water and stir well. Then added the rest of the dry to the cure/PDM liwuid and stir well again



I added the mix into the meat and ground thru med plate. This will chop up the whole anise and pepper seeds.



Cover and fridge while the casings soak.






Had to add another casing to the soak water. Here they are all stuffed. And a small cellulose one.




Now hang overnight and let the dextrose do its stuff.




See ya tomorrow.





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This morning, they got darker in color. pic dont show very good.


Ready for the smoker.




Hanging at 140, no smoke for 1.5 hours, then my PID goes thru the steps.


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AMZNPS Going to town



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The Cotto cool down stage. Pulled at 150, just took IT from the top and its at 151.8. They should start to level down in temp now.



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I knew this was going to be good!


Good luck and good smoking.

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what is the reason for starting out  @140 with no smoke for 1.5 hrs? ....trying to learn

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Originally Posted by lkrus View Post

what is the reason for starting out  @140 with no smoke for 1.5 hrs? ....trying to learn

140 no smoke dries the outside of the casing. Casings will bleed moisture from the meat, smoke adhears better to dry casings.

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looking good   you got enough carolina sauce there?

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One can never have enough CT 



Here is the small Cotto cut.






Lets see inside. Yup sometimes you cant see the air bubbles inside.




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Have you ever cold smoked cheese and added any for flavor in the past to your sausage?

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Looks great nepas... I just ordered some casings from butcher packer...should be here this week. Thanks for the recipe



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Thats a nice lookin bunch there Nepas.


Maybe one day I will get to try that too.


Happy Smokin'



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