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First try at smoking Salmon

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Hello all,

So many recipes to choose from it is nerve racking.hit.gif  I think I have decided on using Dutch's Maple glaze. So if I understand correctly I do not need a brine? I will probably just take my thawed salmon filet and rinse well. Maybe let it dry for a couple hours at room temp. Then smoke using cherry and or apple wood? I have Cherry, apple, hickory and mesquite available to me. I will likely smoke at about 200 degrees until done. My filet is 1.75lbs. with the skin on, fresh caught Atlantic salmon.

Any other suggestions / comments? I am trying to keep it simple for my first salmon smoke. Thanks so much in advance! I have read so much I feel like I know you guys! 

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Your plan sounds good...EXCEPT...There is no need to have it out at room temp for a couple of hours!...Either let it rest a couple of hours in the refrigerator or 30 minutes with a fan, to form a good pellicle...Any other method is just a good way to grow Bacteria...JJ

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JJ is right 

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I brine my salmon, but game for something different

JJ is right, you have to allow the fillet to form the pellical

I use Apple for fish and cheese

200° may be a little high temp. for such a small fillet

Your fish will be done way too fast, and you won't have much of a smokey flavor

Smoke at 125° for an hour, and bump it up 25° every hour until it's done

This way you get more smoke




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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As you said there are a ton of salmon recipes. We like ours with a kick, so we coat with EVOO & dust with cajun seasoning.


The most important thing is don't overcook it or it will get dry.

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Sounds great! Thanks guys. Todd I have to get with you on your AMNS and see which one is right for me, will email you soon. 

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I do not recommend leaving it out at all! refrigerate it and you will get the results, without the hospital bill
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