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Earth Smoker Part 2

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So, if if have not read, check out this thread to see my progress up until now: Basically, I am attempting to make a smoker exclusively with materials on hand. Only item purchased so far is used craigslist grill.


Fortunately, the soil here makes decent, but crumble prone bricks when mixed with just water, then air dried.


In the last incarnation, I had trouble keeping the temp where I wanted it, and I figured it was because either 1) The hole leading to the cooking chamber was too small, or 2) I was loosing too much heat because the wall separating the firebox and the cooking chamber was too thick. So, I simply tore down the wall and made a few adjustments.


1) I put two big firebricks in the cooking chamber. I imagine this will help it hold it's heat better owing to the heat retention properties of these things, and because it reduces the air volume in the cooking chamber. DSC_0453.JPG


As you can see, I also used a firebrick to go above the charcoal basket (the basket is also a new addition), as again, I think this will help hold heat.


Here is the basket:




The basket goes under the brick with the mud on it...and ontop of another firebrick that you see surfacing above the dirt.



A big tile will be the door.

DSC_0449 (2).JPG


The door swings down, or can be easily removed if need be. I also dug a ditch behind the door to ensure a good enough air flow.



With this next shot you can see that I can move the charcoal basket closer to, or farther from, the cooking chamber.



And lastly, another tile that will serve as a baffle, hopefully moving most the smoke into the middle of the chamber. This may not work, I may have to find another material, but I will give it a try at least once.




I will test these tomorrow and report back. Any suggestions?

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Find a good chiropractor? My poor back is aching just looking how low that thing is!!

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Originally Posted by Dutch View Post

Find a good chiropractor? My poor back is aching just looking how low that thing is!!

LOL - I was just thinking that same thing. I am way too old to use this smoker  

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Were are you and were is the grass?

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Well, I'm still a spry 31, so the back issue is not a problem for for the grass...I'm renting a home in the boonies of the central Oregon high desert...and here, there is no lawn...I might try to grow one in the spring, but we will see.

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Update: Attempted a smoke yesterday...had to move it to the grill.


The problem?The Earth Smoker sheds too much heat. It will only stay hot enough if I keep an open flame in the firebox. While I am considering attempting to redesign,I'm not sure if it will be with the work...I discovered that my char-broil grill can maintain 225  without much fuss...all I have to do is use the charcoal basket you see in the pictures above. While this give me considerably less space to work with on the grill, it does get the job done. So, I will work on modding the grill to better suit some low and slow smoke until I can come up with an earth-smoker design that is more efficient.


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Too bad it didn't work out. It seemed like a cool idea.

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