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Well first how off was the thermo?  Secondly you are probably fine if the outside of the meat was at 140 before 4 hrs.  If you injected it should have been 140 internal at or under 4 hrs.  Since I can't know what and when I can not make the decision for you as to the safety concern.  I will say  that if you run it to over 200 F  in the house oven you most likely are ok but you have to make the decision based on the info I do not have.  Error on the side of safety making this decision. 

It was off by about 20-25 degrees. I did not have a thermometer in the brisket to start with. I checked it at about 5 hours and it was at 140 internal. I did inject it. It is funny I foiled it and moved it into the oven about 1 1/2 hours ago. They have already gone from 158 to 192. Not really sure what is going on.

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Well after 12 full hours it hit 200 degrees. After an hour resting I sliced it, you can see below how it looks. It has decent taste, but nothing to write home about. It's kind of dry, but very tender. That is the beauty of smoking can eat your mistakes. Oh well maybe it will be better next time.









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The fatty looks great .nice smoke ring,maybe you need to check your termo

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So we had the brisket for dinner tonight and I must say it wasn't bad. It was a little dry but had good flavor and was very tender. Thanks to everyone here for all your help and support.

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Very nice, the smoke ring is perfect!



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Nice job bet it was all tasty icon14.gif

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