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Need your all's help and thoughts on turkey meat and size

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The family and I got into a HUGE debate/discussion after the T-day meal that continued on into Friday, on the amount of meat you get from turkeys. Here's the scenario; I have to smoke two 20+ pound birds in order to have enough meat to send leftovers home. We will darn near clean up one 20 ponder at meal time what ever is left I keep, the other is sliced up and split up among the others. Some of the family is saying if i smoked 2 smaller birds there would be more meat, and I say no it would be less due to the bone mass, and others are undecided.  I have searched high and low for several days, both on here and the net. I have yet to find an answer to this.  Mom says after turkeys are over 15 pounds the bones are close to the same size, just more meat, and that's what I'm thinking as well. I have never weighed the cut turkey to see how much loss there is, so I don't know if I'm right. I hope you all can help me out on this, and ill bet with the wealth of knowledge here some one knows the answer. I have been searching for this answer so much I haven't even posted the T-day smoke it's coming and will have Q-view.



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Sprky, I'm not really sure how much waste is bone, however I average about 1/3rd wqste on all my meats.


SOB or one of the others may be able to give a good answer .


Hope you had a great T-Day and Nap (Hahaha),


Stan    AKA    oldschool

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I'm leaning towards the 20 lber for more meat.


I'm not an expert and never (like you) actually weighed the two.


Interesting question

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Dang it, I should have weighed the turducken before & after boning it out. It is a very interesting question. 


One of the butchers will be along to give you a good answer.

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If I had to guess, I would say you are correct with the "bone mass" statement.



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WOW I thought that with the wealth of knowledge here someone would have a definite answer to this question. Looks like it may be experiment time. But that's going to be after the first though since I'll be smoking 2 more in 3 weeks. Sure was hoping to have the answer b4 Christmas smoke, but no biggie.

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