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New Fridge Build.

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I Have my old fridge at the metal shop having the inside of the door finished out as well as the trim. The inside of this old fridge is metal with a porcelain finish. Is there, or what type of paint can be used to cover the raw metal on the inside of the box and possible the entire porcelain inside, or do you just let the smoke do the job. I have pics posted on another thread here and more to come as we progress. I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks and a great day to all.

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I'm not a builder, but I don't think you would want to put paint inside a smoker.

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I have never built a smoker from a fridge but I know there are plenty of them here. Using the Advanced search it looks like it is a normal seasoning run of cooking or vegetable oil plus smoke/heat. A couple of reference threads:



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yes sir,  that was my gut feeling.  Thanks

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I thought porcelain had to be baked on at a very high temp (sort of like firing ceramic paint in a Kiln)?  I also think paint would be a bad idea. Never seen paint sold for the inside of an oven, and even the big steel pit smokers are bare metal or burned out to make sure there is no paint or other stuff inside before first use.

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Ya D. that is what I have figured out here. The smoke will do the job and will all look the same in a few good smokes. I have allready burned the rack and the and hangers I will be using in it. Just waiting to get the trim out and back of the door covered with new metal, work in progress. Pics to come. Will be out of town working next week so there will be a week delay here in the finish out. Thanks for your input and have a great day.

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