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Billy Sims is okay, nothing really great tho. If you are in Tulsa and want THE BEST bbq, go wait in line at Burn Co, near the downtown area. The wait is well worth it. Everything there is incredible and the ribs are out of this world. They also hand make all of their sausages and brats. You will not be disappointed.

Oh and I just joined the okie group. Glad to be a part of it

Actually it's more of a bedlam thing. I quit being a Dallas cowboy fan when Barry took over.
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Ha ha! Hell yes it's a Bedlam thing! Love my Sooner buddies until the game starts! Don't tell anyone, but I married a gal born and raised in Norman. True house divided. Makes for great parties at our house; half the kids in orange, half the kids in crimson. Love it...
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Just checking in here - have not been on in a while.  If I can get there a Okie gathering would be great. 

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Also checking in. I'm from so far southeast that we usually shop in Richardson or Plano. I could use a reason to head north: there's a lot less shopping between here and Tulsa, and the turnpike is pretty boring, so we head south.
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Hey All Ya'll... I just realized that I never had checked in!?!!... Duh!!!... So the OKLAHOMA Panhandle is OFFICIALLY represented now... Moved back to OK after living in FL for 30+ years... Don't know who moved back first, me or TulsaJeff <grin>... Been a SMF member since '09... I get Jeff's newsletter then search the forums for follow-up information... just don't post a lot.

Have we ever had a MeetUp? I'd be interested in attending one before it gets cold.

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