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count me in !!


I love to smoke and my wife likes it too "because i leave her alone ! "


I am ready to learn more when it comes to smoking meat !


I started with a electric and then upgraded to the wood but with the burn ban i havent been able to smoke except for the electric and the meat is good but i like that smoke ring from the wood !!



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As I understood the ban based on the guidelines on the state forestry web site outdoor grills (and smokers) were permitted as long as they were on a non flammable surface and at least 3 feet or so away from flammable vegetation.  This was in the summer when I looked this up but you would think they would relax their position by now.  Do you have different rules in your area? 

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After talking to the local fire department , during the ban it depended on what type of ban. At one pont we could not use any charcaol or wood burning smokers or grills only electric.


Then after the ban was lifted we could use the charcaol grills and smokers again.


I called to make sure because the ticket for getting caught was up to $500.00 and i would rather buy meat or items for my smoker.


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1 more added to the growing list.

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I'd be interested.  For that matter, I have a couple of acres in Norman; I'd be willing to play host if y'all want.

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We would be interested in meeting and learning...




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Hello everyone from Tulsa. New custom Bel Fab smoker to arrive tomorrow. 24" dia x 36" with 20" offset; 5/16" steel. very heavy but will surely hold the Oklahoma summer heat and beat off our occasional ice storm. Looking forward to becoming a solid member of SMF. I'll post qview as soon as I can get the smoker seasoned and regulated. Also, I am shopping around for a good deal on splits, especially fruit wood.  Speaking of fruit wood, has anyone ever smoked using wood from a Bradofrd pear tree?  Those #$%#^ trees are always falling down all over Tulsa!

All the best

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Another Okie in the crowd!

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Hey y'all, if anyone is around the central part of Oklahoma that new Chef's Store on I-240 has some great prices on meats and spices; perfect for barbequeing!

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Thanks for the info. I have family in the city and get down there oeriodically. Have you ever shopped at Savory Spice Shop? It's pretty cool. It's like 4400 N. Western if you are in the hood. I liked enough to consider purchasing a franchise for Tulsa.

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I have not been myself but my cousin raves about that place.

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Another Okie here East of Tulsa.  Thanks for all the great information throughout this site.  Info on this site has already helped me a great deal with consistency and better knowledge of what I am doing, or at least trying to do.  Thanks again.

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will I am not a hard core okie yet give me time though I have just moved to Manitou Oklahoma from Lincoln Nebraska,  would be great to meet up with fellow smokers

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I would enjoy getting together and share everyone's info on this most delicious subject there is. I am from the south west okc area near Moore. yahoo.gif
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Add me to the list I'm not far from jwbtulsa fixing to fab a UDS for easy transport. :train:icon14.gif
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SSR will be a fine Okie member despite the fact he is a Sooner fan. At least it will make for some good Bedlam food throw downs in the neighborhood!!
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I still haven't tried billy Sims BBQ.
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Billy Sims is okay, nothing really great tho. If you are in Tulsa and want THE BEST bbq, go wait in line at Burn Co, near the downtown area. The wait is well worth it. Everything there is incredible and the ribs are out of this world. They also hand make all of their sausages and brats. You will not be disappointed.

Oh and I just joined the okie group. Glad to be a part of it
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I second the Burn Co. recommendation, they have about 16 Hasty Bakes and cook the best baby backs!


Get there either early, 11 am or late, after 12:30, the line is usually into the street.

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