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meat thermometers

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I had gotten some info. from this site that I should get another thermometer for my mes-40 because--the mes-40 thermometer

is about 20 degrees off I was going to a thermometer that's wireless & has a probe & now there on sale for Christmas shoppers I saw 1 that was $40 now $19 with free shipping

what do you think?--------Thanks--------Ken

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Sounds like a great deal; what is the make or manufacturer of the unit?

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That would be a good price.  Almost too good?  Like Pops said, a link would be helpful.  Personally I would want to see some customer reviews or input from forum members.


Good luck and good smoking.

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do you know if that is true about the mes-40 thermometer being off 20 to 25 degrees


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I think was national JLR wireless

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A lot of people have great experence and no problem suggesting this thermometer, and the onwer of the company has a great track record.

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Originally Posted by ColoradoSmoker View Post

do you know if that is true about the mes-40 thermometer being off 20 to 25 degrees

Most all therms on any smokers are off.. some WAY off... maybe except the high end smokers.. Definatly get you some kind of wireless probes.. The Maverick- ET 732 is pretty much the go to therms here on the boards... The Link Raymo posted is where you wanna get it from
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I have a maverick redi check and love it

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I don't have one but I can't find a Good Review either... Most reviews are...Can't be more than 25' clear line of site from the base, and the Probes are Fragile...For what its worth...JJ

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Not all MES controllers & temp probes are off. The first one I had was off 15 degrees, but the one I have now is dead on. The only way to find out is by buying a accurate digital thermometer. Most folks on here would recommend a Maverick 732.

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