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Thanksgiving in a muffin!

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The boss lady is looking for ways to finish up the remaining leftovers so she made a batch of these for lunch today


IMG_4664 (640x427).jpg


full of  turkey, stuffing, green beans  


IMG_4665 (640x427).jpg


Yummy could have eaten several of these


no manufacturing pictures as i was not home


Thanks for looking


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A Great Lady, with great taste !!!


Who would have thunk it?!?!  biggrin.gif


Awesome idea !!!




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What a great idea, they look very tasty!

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Another great idea.
Thanks for sharing
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What a great idea!


They look delicious!

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If they were all done that way, I might like turkey!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Now that is a very interesting way to finish off the leftovers.

Even though there weren't any this year, I will have to remember that

for next year or maybe even Christmas.


Thanks again.



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Wow what a creative what a way to use leftovers. looks awesome!
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Nice post Rick icon14.gif


From now on these will be known as

        (Ricks Leftover Muffins)



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Great post Rick. Congratulate your wife on a great idea. 

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