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Smoked turkey = success

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I did a nice 13 lber for Thanksgiving alongside an 18 lb oven-roasted turkey. Originally we were just going to do the oven turkey because my family is skeptical about smoking meat and didnt' want our day ruined. At the last minute, I ran out and bought a small turkey and threw it in a simple brine overnight.


Brine was a very simple salt/sugar concoction with a few sprigs of chopped up sage/thyme/rosemary/savory. Kind of a waste since they imparted no taste. For the oven roasted turkey, I used the slaughterhouse brine I found on here.


I also injected the smoked turkey with Tony C's creole butter, and then sprinkled Tony C's around the turkey. The oven turkey just got some salt/pepper.


Smoked it at 225* (started out at 250 but it was climbing up wayyy too fast) with apple chips. Took a bit over 6 hours to finish. it seemed like it climbed up to 135-140 super fast (2ish hours), and then took another 4 hours to climb to 160.


End result? This turkey was AWESOME. It was completely finished, and the oven turkey only picked at in comparison. My family was eating crow (and delicious turkey) after they admitted how great the smoked flavor was. My only complaint was the skin never got crispy - I even finished it in a 400* oven until it was sizzling, but that didn't do it. Also, I'm done with doing special brines. They never, ever seen to take on the brine flavor - only the juiciness that it gives. It's sad because the slaughterhouse brine smelled fantastic, but the turkey didn't take on any of the flavor. I've noticed this every time I've ever done a brine.


Sorry I didn't get more pictures, there was a rampage to eat as soon as it came out :D




For reference.. my dad's oven turkey on the left, my turkey on the right. I think I won!




Thanks fellas, couldn't of done it w/out ya

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Looks great el... by looking at the pics side by side you almost didnt get a pic of the smoked turkey


Hope your TG was a good one



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Great job the turkey looks delicious!

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Looks great bet it was tasty. yum


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Great lookin grub. bet no one minded eating a little extra that night he he
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Fantastic job, glad it went well yahoo.gif


Thanks for the Qviewicon14.gif

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First off I love your avatar picture, looks delicious! Second wow that bird has a great color to it, good job!

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looks very good, for me I use EVOO or mayo on the skin and smoke at around 275 and get very crispy skin.  I have to do a few to get it for my smoker, but it can be done.

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Great Job


thumb 4.jpg

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It looks good !

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I actually basted the turkey multiple times with a 50/50 EVOO/butter sauce with some Tony C's. When I threw it in the oven, it was crackling and sizzling, so I figured it was crispy.. didn't happen, though. Doesn't matter too much, though, the meat was delicious :D

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Its really looks good

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Nice job.   IT looks great

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