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THANK YOU for the help with my roast beef questions. Enjoy the QVIEW

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beef 01.jpg

11.75 pound sirloin tip roast rubbed with evoo and montreal steak seasoning.beef 02.jpg

Roast  beef on top and my brother did a brisket(on the bottom) Sheww was it goodbeef 03.jpg

TBS was a little heavy here but turned out AWESOME!!!!!beef 04.jpg

took it to 135 internal and here it is ready for the slicer.beef 05.jpg

BEAR VIEW And YES it was as good as it looks!!!!!!beef 06.jpg

What a MOUND of greatness. I am proud of this one!!!!beef 07.jpg

The family was impressed and stuffed. I would like to thank all for there suggestions. I am so glad I did not brine it. I do wish the AuJUS came out better as it was bland. I used beef broth,garlic and mushrooms. It was very watery and tasteless. We all enjoyed the beef thought. Again thanks for a successfull smoke. Hickory wood by the way. I see another one coming for the holidays.


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The Beef looks Perfect...To Fix your AU JUS problem ...Add Cut up Onions , Carrots, Celery, Parsnips (in season) and a halved head of Garlic, to your Drip Pan and let the goodies Roast/Smoke with the Meat...While the Meat rests add 6-8 Cups Beef Broth (low Sodium) to the drip pan and stir to get all the good stuff off the bottom. Now transfer the whole deal to a Pot, add 1-2T Tomato Paste, 4-5 Sprigs Fresh Thyme (1/2tsp Dry), 4-5 Spigs Parsley (1tsp Dry), 8-10 Black Peppercorns and a Bay Leaf or two....You can add Rosemary, 8 Allspice Berries and Red Wine at this point too if you wish...Bring the JUS up to a simmer and cook 30-60 Minutes for the Flavors to develope, skim the fat as you go. Dragging Strips of Paper towel across the top of the JUS will get the last little bit of fat off...Lastly adjust the S & P, Strain and serve the Beef AU JUS...Good Stuff...JJ

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The roast beef looks perfect! Nice and pink!

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JimmyJ,  I put the beef broth,garlic and mushrooms in a pan underneath the roast as it cooked thinking it would catch the dripping and add flavor at the same time. It didn't happen. It did have a smokey flavor but it didn't taste like aujus should/has tasted. It was rather watery and bland. Other then that the meat was the best piece of meat I have smoked yet hands down thanks to all the help here.

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Excellent looking roast my friend! color is fantastic
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You are going to eat well!


Good luck and good smoking.

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The Roast Beef looks fantastic!!!


You get points1.png  for the full smoker biggrin.gif

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O my! My stomach is rumbling right now and my mouth is watering!!!!!

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And to think I ate chinese tonight.  Thanks for the hunger pain.77.gif

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Nice! Wish I could find a sirloin tip that big. All I find are 3lb or less. Thats to die for.

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Around here you can buy these at Sam's Club in that size. I have one in the freezer and one thawed that I am going to have to do something with this morning. I love a good rare roast beef roast and do own a slicer...drool.gif


However, as usual I am thinking about doing something different. Does anyone have any experience with taking this cut to 190ˆ or so and then pulling/shredding/chopping...whatever works best and then mixing with something like a brisket finishing sauce? Can't decide if that might be good or a total waste of a good piece of meat. I am always willing to experiment. I did cut about a 3 lb. chunk off of this roast and made a killer pot of vegetable beef soup with it.


So two things......anybody have any experience or thoughts on this? And lastly...if this is too much of a hijack, just say so & I may start a new thread.



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I personally wouldn't go to 190º with this cut of beef.

It is best in the 130º - 140º range.

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Most of my experience is with pork & chicken. I know that folks BBQ beef other than brisket...what cut do they use, chucks or shoulder clods? Just needing to do something with this cut of meat and not interested in having 8 for dinner tonight:-)

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Taking it to 190 will give you the same thing as a very, very well done steak. Most folks eat this cut rare to med/rare.

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A bit of garlic powder or a sprinkle of rub, not much, adds a nice touch to a bland aujus. 

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