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More bbb help

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I posted earlier about not adding quite enough hi-mtn season cure to my pork loin
for Canadian Bacon. Curing since Nov. 5th. Thank you for all the advice. After I smoke it should I put it back
in the fridge for a few days before slicing it.
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That sounds like an awfully long cure time. Hopefully, our resident cure experts will post here soon with their thoughts. You want to make sure that loin will be safe to consume, so wait for curing specialists to weigh in before eating.

To directly answer your question: I usually chill my BBB overnight before slicing to make it easier.
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More than enough time!  Smoke away if you haven't already!

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Don't forget the camera!

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I updated with pics on my "bbb help" that you commented on AL, thanks
for you're help. This was a bit of a redundant question since I couldn't get
to it for a couple of days to slice it any way.

Happy smoking,
Big AL
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Oh yes, almost forgot, thx POP. Going to see if I can hunt up a pork belly
and use your brine to make some proper Bacon.
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