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Thanks Switz, I agree with Bear and Alblancher on this.   


 We appreciate your kindness on providing the link. It was intended as a gift to benefit many, and I thank you for that.


I am certain that no disrespect was actually intended, but understand that was not what appeared to happen. 


Also, some of us are pretty crusty, and I (for one) am pretty opinionated.


I intend to use the manners my mom tried to instill in my thick cranium.


Any information is valuable to someone here, and I enjoy viewing all sorts of info from many different sources.  Then I can make my own opinion. 


Please give us another chance, and hopefully we will benefit from your knowledge.

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Hey folks, it's all good on this end.  I appreciate the pride you all take in your BBQ.  I know it is a passion for sure.  Have a great holiday to all and your families.



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Back atcha Steve!

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This post has gone around the world and back. I am one of those folks that tries not to eat out if it's something i can make at home.

 But, If i didn't know how to make good ribs ,chilli's are pretty good for take out.



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Thanks for the link Steve.  I like Chili's ribs and sauce.  I will try this sauce on my ribs!   Kinda 

interesting to me that they use liquid smoke and a smoker.

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You know what, ever since Chili's changed their rib recipe and included actually smoking them, they are, in my opinion decent. I know we can make better ribs at the house, but for a chain, they aren't bad. I would suggest to someone that hasn't had them in the last 3 or 4 years to try them. You might actually like them.

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I have a whole receipe book of resturant recepies anything from wendys frosty to Red lobster garlic biscuits, fridays jack daniels sauce, its about 800 recepies. On the rib note, I think that smoke bones ribs are the best bought ribs, in the south anyway. I can e-mail that recepie book if you interested.

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smokybones.jpgThese are smoky bones ribs!

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Originally Posted by jgharbin View Post

smokybones.jpgThese are smoky bones ribs!

I happen to like Smokey Bone's Ribs as


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