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Building a 500 gal. propane tank RF smoker for a friend

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A friend of mine owns a local restaurant and has used my 275 gal. oil tank smoker in the past, however he's finally decided that he "needs" one of his own.  After much discussion, we decided to go with a 500 gal. propane tank for the heating/smoking chamber.  It will be mounted on a 7' X 14' tandem axle trailer with a sink, water heater, grill, prep area, and a roof.  I'm sure there are other things on his wish list that I'm forgetting, but join us for the next several months and see what transpires.  I'd post the progress here, but since he's blogging it to drum up anticipation for the restaurant, I figure I'd just post a link to the blog, then post when there are updates.






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Sounds like it's going to be one big smoker!

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The tank is at the sandblaster getting cleaned up, and the trailer is not due to be delivered until after Jan. 30th., so we got the firebox and oven (hot box) done this weekend.  Still need to make the slides, racks, and door seal in the hot box, but its coming along nicely.  Damn, this thing is big and heavy!





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Great start. We'll be watching.

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Looking good icon14.gif

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Man that thing is going to be a beast. Nice workmanship 

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Awesome size project.  Off to a great start.

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Nice start and nice tank. Go big or stay on the porch.

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I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd update with a few more pictures.  The tank is back from the sandblaster.  The drip pan is in, and the rack handles and frames are finished.  It's still in two pieces, but once it's on the trailer, I'll hot glue the two pieces together.  The trailer finally arrived, so this weekend we're going to lift this pig onto its new home.  Here's a couple of pictures.





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popcorn.gif NICE !!!

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That's gonna be a great smoker.  Nice clean lookin shop also.   popcorn.gif

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Looks-Great.gifI'm doing a fridge build and cant wait to post when complete........thanks for the pics

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Thanks for the kind words of support everyone.  Had a great weekend and got lots of work done.  We got it loaded onto the trailer, and the tank & firebox welded together.  Tonight, we were even able to fire it up and do the first test.  Everything worked better than expected, so once I finish making the handles, and install endcaps on the counter weights, it'll be time for paint.  Woo Hoo!!!







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Got the smoker done.....for now.  There's still more to do, but not in the immediate future.







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Looks great!!

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That is a beauty! Great job!

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A large fire engine red smoker. Good job.  I like it.

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