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Country Style Ribs

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I've haven't done Country Style in the new smoker, figured it's about time.


Rub-Texas Pig Rub


Charcoal-Royal Oak, Natural Wood Charcoal


After 1 hour


2011-11-26 17.55.42.jpg



After 2 hours


2011-11-26 18.42.05.jpg


3 hours


2011-11-26 20.27.28.jpg



Cherry/Pecan is a great combo, they add a lot of flavor to pork.


2011-11-26 20.53.04.jpg




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Gotta love the CSR's. Great Job
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Looks like some Juicy Goodness!...JJ

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Looks great and juicy

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They look delicious!

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With the way those look I am surprised that 4 was enough!!! Great job!



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Nice juicy lookin CRS. great job:first:
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Great looking!  I made a large batch this bast weekend for my crew and they loved them.  It's amazing how good they come out!  


Nice work!

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Looks great!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great job Tom, I love the cherry on pork and poultry too.



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Very Nice, Tom !!


Thanks for the views!!



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Yum, Yum, I GOTTA make some.

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Those look great. Love me some CSR's 

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thumb 7.jpg

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looks amazing. now im hungry

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He probably made more than four but didn't want to show us the rest at the risk of making us more hungry.

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I didn't think anyone could make country style pork ribs better than my mom BUT Tom C kicked a**. shhhhhh don't tell the mom.

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drool.gif OMG I love county style ribs on the smoker. Yours look mighty good too. Haven't done them in awhile now I'm  HUNGRY for some.

Now I gotta go to the store and get some, and get them brining so I can smoke them tomorrow. You just settled the debate on dinner tomorrow.


Well crud The ribs were not worth taking home. Butcher where I get 99% of my meat to smoke said the pork he's been getting lately has been extrimily fatty. Hes gonna call me when he gets decent ones. Gave a great price on a ham though so that's tomorrows dinner.

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Great looking CSR's man they look tasty... nice job..... Have fun and Happy smoking icon14.gif

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