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Wheeled cart for Master Forge

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I just got my new smoker, I have it seasoned and hubby built me a cart for it so I can move it easily.   We had an old BBQ that was all burned out but had not hauled it off yet.   Took the BBQ off and used the cart for the smoker.   I have purchased the gasket material and will install that.   Is there a certain amount of time that I should let it sit before using? 

We  have so many Thanksgiving left overs that I do not think I will be cooking for a while but would love to do some cheese,  I have seen cheese  set on the racks, in a pan, and hung from some sort of netting sack that I have never seen.   Is one way clearly better than the other or does it make much difference.  I know I want to do Gouda, cheddar, and pepper jack cheese, what are other recommendations.  I am going to try to ad a picture of the very neat cart that hubby made for me.  P1000522.JPG

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Great looking cart. Have fun with the new smoker too

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It looks great. I like the side table!

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cool ....

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