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Black Friday Smoke W/Q-view

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On Black Friday I smoked some ribs (12.5 lbs)  for our Canadian visitors that we had over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Above - Loading the rib rack.  I used Jeff's rub that a friend gave me for my birthday.



Going into the smoker.




The money shot. No sauce was used on them but was offered on the side.  They were enjoyed by all.

Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.


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Looks like a successful smoke Jon drool.gificon14.gif


Thanks for the Qview

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man this forum makes me hungry!!!! drool.gif

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ribs looks good !!!!

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Nice Job!...JJ

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 Great looking ribs!  I love Jeff's rub and sauce!




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Very nice looking ribs!

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Great looking ribs Captain!

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Great lookin ribs jon! not gonna lie lookin at these bad boys made me wanna fire up the smoker right nowdrool.gif

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Captain Jon, Great work!  We love the photos.  Keep up the good work.xrocker.gif

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look great

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