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Chuckie and beef ribs for Sunday's dinner

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Hi folks, well you know I like beef ribs so went down to the market and found a nice slab that still had a lot of meat left on the bones, so I grabbed them up fast. Then I noticed this nice chuck steak marked at $3.00 off so I picked that up also!br1.png

Here's the ribs $1.99 a lb.





Here's the chuckie about 2.25 lbs.




Made up an awesome rub based with dark brown sugar, then added some garlic powder, onion salt, cumin, oregano, some cayenne and fresh ground black pepper and about a tablespoon of cowboy rub.









Now here they are all rubbed up and ready for the fridge in some plastic wrap.br2.png









This will be my first chuck roast so I'm going to treat it like a brisket, probably put it on the smoker after the ribs since it's just a little over 2 lbs. I'm figuring about 3.5 hours at the most at 225 degrees. Would appreciate any input on this. Right now I'm thinking 3-3.5 hours and then double wrap in foil and place in cooler wrapped in a towel or two.

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What internal temp are you looking for?  This is a better cut of meat than a brisket.  You may want to consider a lower finish temp unless you want to pull it.  We have some real chucky experts here so maybe one will chime in soon.  Good Smokes!

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Smoke it just like a butt. Foil at 165 & take it to 205 & pull it. It makes the best beef BBQ sammies in the world!

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If your looking to slice, I foil at 165º and pull around 190º or until tender.

Don't forget to let it rest.



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Thanks for the info guys, I want to pull for some nice bbq beef sammies, went out with the wife today and found a good deal on some sweet baby ray's sauce at Costco. So while at Costco I also picked up some nice pork shoulders there $1.79 a lb. (couldn't resist) so I froze 2 butts and this one will go on with the ribs and chuck in the morning, it's about 5 lbs or so rubbed up with applewood rub and some brown sugar.









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Your gonna have a full smoker icon14.gif


We'll be looking forward to it biggrin.gif

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pepsi.gifpopcorn.gif looks like a good plan from here!!!

be back to see the finish pictures

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

Your gonna have a full smoker icon14.gif


We'll be looking forward to it biggrin.gif

Full smoker eventually leads to full belly and plenty of great leftovers!


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Cant wait to see the results
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sweet!  Lookin good so far.  Waiting for the money shot!

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Is it done yet!



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hey fellow Idahoan "Wheres the beef"??? LOL waiting for q-view hope everything went well.

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Teaser!!!!!   th_What_NO_QVIEW.gif

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