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Do brined uncooked turkeys have an aroma?

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Weird question ,I know. I brined a bird and a breast for 24 hrs (Slaughterhouse brine) I took them out this morning, injected the bird, tightly wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge until tomorrow morning when they'll go on the smoker.  I've never brined a bird before and when I opened the fridge a few hours later, I noticed a definite aroma coming from the birds. Is it just the scent of the brine? I know the brine was the correct temp and I'm probably being silly, I just don't want to take a chance when it comes to poultry. Thanks.

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Knicks, the brine will have a little odor, and if you did everything right when prepping the bird, you will be OK. Have a nice meal and here's a beleted Thanksgivivg wish for the best...


Stan    aka    oldschool

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Ive noticed an odor from brine before, as long as you were careful with health issues you should be good man


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It should smell like Garlic, Onion and Herbs...Pleasing to the Nose with only a hint of what can best be described as Barnyard...Stinky Bird is offensive, the decomp takes place pretty quick so if something has really gone wrong, it will be unmistakable, unfortunately you will be finding out when you unwrap to go in the smoker...JJ

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Like JJ says it should smell like the herbs & spices in the brine. If it smells unpleasant then something is wrong.

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Thanks guys, I think I'm good to go. As I mentioned before, this is my 1st time brining and I think I'm being a bit over careful.

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