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No charcoal?

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Has anyone ever just used logs as their fuel in their UDS? Anything to be aware of when not using charcoal like do all the logs need to be already burned? What about minion method? 

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I haven't heard of anyone firing a UDS this way before, and I don't have a UDS or hardwoods to burn for fuel, but I see a problem with not being able to tend the fire once it's going in order to add small amounts of wood at a time for a small, hot fire, producing a cleaner burn. Unless pre-burned, I think it would produce tons of heavy smoke. As you mentioned, pre-burned splits would probably be the best route to go, next to making your own lump charcoal, of course. Minion method would likely be a must.


Any other takers on this?


Wish I could be of more help...hopefully some stick burners and UDS owners will be along with more for you soon.




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If you have easy access to your fire box by all means burn wood.  Just be aware that splits do not burn as consistently and evenly as charcoal.  I would build a nice charcoal fire, get your temps about where you want them then add small splits to the hot fire.  If the splits catch and burn quickly the amount of thick white smoke will be limited.   Once you have a decent set of coals with the wood you can add the small splits without the charcoal   Not knowing exactly how your smoker is built you may have trouble using straight wood


Don't be surprised if you get best results with a bed of charcoal and splits added for flavor.

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