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Retire the fryer?

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First thanks for all the warm welcomes in roll call. Second thanks for the e-course and all the info this forum has. Now on to the birds. I took over Thanksgiving from my parents 4 years ago and been frying turkeys ever since this year was my first smoked bird and it was a hit they all love the fried birds but love the smoked even more maybe its time to retire the fryer and just smoke them all.


smoked mac and cheese and the turkey just pulled the thermo and juices poured out yumDSCN1903[1].JPG

Skin was a little dark but meat had great color sorry didnt get to snap any cut pics was busy cutting up 3 turkeys

Heres the brine I used-2 cups brown sugar,1 cup maple syurp,1 cup k salt, 3 heads of garlic separated not peeled, 6 bay leaves, 1 1/2 cup of chopped fresh ginger, 2 teaspoons dried chilli flakes, 1 cup soy sauce 1+ gal water, and a handfull of fresh thyme sprigs. Soaked in brine for 30 sum hours then washed and dried and rubbed with- Spice rub -3tbs brown sugar, 1tbs k salt, 2tea ground cummin, 2tea dried oregano, 2tea of rubbed sage, 2tea dry mustard, 1tea thyme, 1tea ground criander. After rub it sat in fridge for 24hr waiting for smoker. Smoked over Hickory and Apple chips and chunks. at 250 about 5hrs till it hit 165.


Heres 1 of the fried birds shes been injected with- Liquid: garlic onion and celery, 1 1/2tbs of cyenne pepper, 2tbs salt. 4tbs tabasco, 1tbs old bay seasoning and sat in fridge injected for 48hrs she got a little spice to her and still juicy yum this was my fav till I ate that smoked bird.


Thanks for readin hope you enjoyed I know I did



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Thanks for the Qview Bill

The birds look fantastic drool.gif

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It looks absolutely delicious!

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Thanks Bill Those birds look great.


Happy Smokin'




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Total East meets West...Asian Brine and American Rub!, that Smokey Tom makes the Fried bird look Sad!...JJ

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looks great... bet it was tasty nice jobicon14.gif

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smoke turkey looks great .

dont give up on the fryer. smoke then fry that turkey.

best of both worlds drool.gif

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  They look great!  jrod, I never thought of that but I bet it is great.Will have to try that sometime.




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Man that is one great looking meal. Awesome job

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It looks a great smoke and a great color on the birds

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Originally Posted by So MS Smoker View Post

  They look great!  jrod, I never thought of that but I bet it is great.Will have to try that sometime.




i smoke then finish chicken in the fryer all the time .

good that way


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WOW !!!!

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